Wellington is thriving with significant investment in transport and water, the arts and support for those who are most vulnerable.  I’m proud to have been a part of a progressive Council that has led on everything from the Living Wage to investing millions of dollars into critical life safety infrastructure. 

But there is more to do if we are to do if Wellington is to become a sustainable city.  Furthermore, we face real challenges from earthquakes and climate change.  We must be ambitious in meeting these challenges.  

I am an infrastructure leader with a track record in delivering successful initiatives in the waste, climate change, water and resilient building areas to keep our city running whilst protecting our precious environment.  Furthermore, I have been part of Council’s leadership team as chairperson of the main decision making committee assisting with the smooth running of Council business. 

More specifically, I have led:

  • Wellington in declaring an ecological and climate emergency and the work on our Zero Carbon Plan
  • the development of the region’s waste plan which aims to see us become waste free, as chair of the region’s Waste Governance Committee
  • efforts to secure money for owners of earthquake prone buildings who can’t afford to strengthen them
  • a significant programme of investment in the city’s water security and water safety
  • on numerous policies that have put sustainability and climate change at the forefront of what Council does

I have been lucky enough to be a life-long resident of Lambton, growing up in Te Aro and attending school and university in Thorndon and Kelburn.   I have lived in Mt Victoria with my family since 2004 where we are surrounded by a fantastic community. 

I have a background in historical research, communications, management and advocacy.  I also have an extensive background in Wellington based NGOs working in areas as diverse as homelessness, stopping sexual violence, housing and environmental protection. 


 Wellington is thriving but we must be ambitious if we are to transform Wellington into a truly sustainable city for the 21st century.  

Climate first: zero emissions, plastic free city, a sustainable and secure water supply, no runway extension or new motorways

Transforming transport: 30km speed limits to reclaim our streets for kids, more cycling and walking infrastructure, light rail now and affordable and reliable buses

Greening the city: more parks, green roofs and trees to support biodiversity

Protected buildings: reopen the central library, serious investment in affordable and social housing, earthquake strong buildings and robust heritage protection for our character suburbs

Good jobs, good businesses: Living Wage as minimum for all Wellingtonians and a buy local policy for council to grow Wellington businesses

If we are to achieve change, we need a great team.  Please consider supporting other Green or Green aligned candidates. 

Contact Details

Telephone: 021-179-6349

E-mail: [email protected]  

LinkedIn: Iona Pannett 

Web: ionapannett.org.nz