Joshua van Lier for Greater Wellington Regional Council

I'm a 29 year old aquatic scientist running for Greater Wellington Regional Council in the Lower Hutt constituency.

The pillars of my campaign are water, transport, and biodiversity; all seen through the lens of a need to act urgently on climate change.

Cleaning up our rivers and seeking to halt extraction for water bottling are critical steps I will take to safeguard our region’s long-term water security, which is coming under threat.

Public transport is my sole form of getting around and our best bet at substantially reducing emissions. Improving the reliability and capability of our region’s public transport system is a crucial step in making it more attractive, while reducing emissions and congestion.

Protecting our native plants and animals is not only good for them but a great way to lock up carbon. I want to see effective action on pest management and the creation of more marine and terrestrial reserves.


Email: [email protected]

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