I am a proud mum, feminist, and Hataitai local, raised in the Cook Islands.

My professional background includes working with international NGOs, the public service, and running my own successful businesses. I am a passionate advocate for future-proofing, Te Tiriti and equity.

My Cook Islands upbringing has shaped my worldview, where the focus is on everyone thriving, not just a few.

I love an oat flat white, curry and a craft brew and spend my weekends discovering the treasures of Matairangi (Mt Vic) with my tamariki.

A city that cares

I want to see a Wellington Council that puts people first. That comes together with communities to house our most vulnerable. That builds homes to serve the needs of tomorrow as well as today, and that works to make our place safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

A city that thrives

A thriving Wellington is one everyone can access.

I will advocate for equitable bus routes to service the whole of Eastern Ward, accessible pathways so those with disabilities can enjoy our natural areas, and human-centred design that helps our people feel safe walking around, no matter the time of day.

A city that lives

If we're serious about becoming carbon neutral by 2050, we need to do better today.

Eastern Ward is home to some of Wellington's best natural treasures and passionate people who protect them. I want to see the Council invest further in protections for vulnerable coastlines , grow our native green spaces, and use wetlands as a way to keep carbon low. By working alongside active communities in the predator free and restoration spaces, we have a real shot at safeguarding our home.

We should be tapping into our green economy opportunities, utilising our digital and creative hubs of Miramar and future-proofing the economy of our Capital.

We need decisions that see results in our lifetime while also having our next generations in mind. Armed with the visions of our community, I can deliver for us now and for the future generations of this city.



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