Strong communities, powered by clean energy, in a healthy environment

If we want Wellington to be one of the world's great small cities, then this is the recipe for getting us there.

Climate action now

Cut emissions as the region’s highest priority

Resilient infrastructure

Re-open the Wellington Central library as a priority, increase investment in social and affordable housing and ensure our buildings and water and waste systems are resilient to earthquakes and climate change

Transform transport

Prioritise walking, cycling and a functioning and affordable public transport system with light rail

Green the city

More parks, more green roofs and more reserves are good for people and wildlife

Local jobs, local business

Our cities must buy locally. We pay the living wage and want all business to follow our lead.

The Greens are committed to building a climate safe and liveable region for everyone.  In partnership with iwi and working with communities, NGOs, central government and business, we can reach our goal.

We ask for your support this October to make this happen.  Vote Green for real change.