I’m an experienced long-term health advocate and Health Board member, former MP and Chair of Parliament’s Health select committee and Safe Food Campaigner.

I have a track record in promoting good health by leading campaigns for better nutrition, healthy school and hospital food, improved aged and home care; the overuse of antibiotics, and consumer and clinical input into decision-making; more investment in public health and community-based health services.

 The health services our District Health Board provides are critical for the health and well-being of Wellingtonians. Yet our DHB faces big challenges - stretched resources, increasing demand for healthcare services and ageing infrastructure. To tackle these challenges, and improve the quality of healthcare in our region, we need to:

  • deliver more INNOVATIVE healthcare in the community
  • focus on keeping people well and address the root causes of ill-health, such as poverty, inequity, poor housing and poor nutrition
  • increase investment in public health, community health, mental health and addiction services
  • ensure all Wellingtonians can access affordable healthcare when they need it, especially Maori and Pacifica, residents in Porirua and Kapiti and vulnerable groups.
  • encourage consumers to actively engage in their healthcare
  • ensure all healthcare staff are well paid and well supported
  • improve patient safety and reduce the spread of superbugs
  • provide better support for our ageing population, and high quality aged, home and dementia care
  • reduce the hospital's waste and carbon footprint and prepare for climate change
  • Invest in digital health technologies.

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