We must create a future for Wellington that our young people are proud to inherit.


This means building a fairer city, with a low carbon lifestyle in partnership with mana whenua.


Right now we don’t have the transport choices to reduce climate emissions, our waste collection is based on throwaway culture, and we have too much reliance on private rental stock that cannot safely and properly house our community.


Climate impacts are being felt around the city. Our ability to process waste is under pressure;  exposing the limits of our landfill capacity. And our housing situation causes poor health outcomes and real hardship; especially for students and young people.


This is why I’m standing for council. I was first elected in 2019 and my track record as a sustainability champion includes work on cycleways, our local food system, and climate change. I’m a passionate advocate for a circular economy and believe Wellington can help lead the world on this.


I voted for upzoning in the spatial plan and for extending the walkable zones around the CBD. I have championed efforts towards a circular economy, with a complete change in how we process our wastewater.


So I’m proud of the direction the city is taking but we need to do more.


Wellington is becoming a connected, creative, low carbon capital, set in wild nature.


Wellington is starting to think of our young people and creating a city where they feel they belong. I want them to be proud of what we leave them.

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